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Services (Residential and Commercial)

ROCKHILL Exterior Services is a full service lawn and landscape company providing residential services to homeowners who desire a natural, sustainable landscape to return to and not have to spend all their free time laboring over the outside tasks. 
We provide many exterior services for commercial properties and would enjoy the opportunity to discuss how we can provide a responsible solution to fit your current cost structre. We service the following communities: Fishers, Carmel, Giest, Castleton, Noblesville, Zionsville, Westfield, Broad ripple. If you are interested in our services and do not see your area please inquire as we may have opportunities to reach other areas soon.  

Imagine your children and pets playing in your yard and not worrying about what the landscape company put down on the lawn today. This is one of the things we offer, an organic based program where we bring sustainable solutions to problems and are not up selling you services you may not need. We only use organic fertilizer so there is no worry about run off into your community's water supplies. The best weed prevention is a thick and healthy lawn. We can take soil samples if needed to ensure your lawn is getting the nutrients it needs to grow strong.

Mixed tulips in early springAs a commercial property owner or manager you can provide your tenants with a responsible environmental maintenance program and set yourself apart from your competition. 
ROCKHILL Exterior Services is focused on superior communication to ensure our clients are always well informed and provided with the best proactive solutions to their needs. We are committed to providing exceptional results and will work to design a value added program that meets your landscapes needs.

Fertilization and weed control
We use Holganix organic fertilizer products to accomplish the favored results when it comes to lawncare. These organic based fertilizers do not require the typical “watering in” of material, as do the chemical fertilizers, saving on water resources as well as not being confined during drought conditions of bringing nutrients to your turf. When the turf is healthy and full the weed pressure is at a minimum therefore reducing the amount of chemical needed to suppress weed growth. Holganix is an all natural combination of plant composts and micro nutrients that creates an environment beneficial for natural insect and disease control and enables the nutrients in the soil to be used efficiently. Any other insect or disease issues will be dealt with as they arise and therefore we are not introducing unnecessary chemicals into the environment.

Landscape Maintenance
We are using any available means to reduce our impact on the Planet and build sustainability into our programs. Keeping flexibility in our schedule minimizing the need to run equipment during the hot summer days is one of the ways we try to manage the impact on our environment. Another way is the use of alternative fuels and while this technology is not on all our equipment we are working towards this as a full time solution. We will recycle as much material from pruning and container waist as possible.

Organic lawncare brings results with safety
Irrigation Maintenance
One major area of mismanagement in the landscape relates to watering. Many times water is applied at excessive rates in order to keep the plants green and “alive”. Most times this watering approach is setting up for failure in the landscape. Turf will develop very shallow roots when it is accustom to receiving water very often. This is also how disease and fungus can attack weak plants. During the hot summer the plants will dry out much quicker and have the potential to die rather than revert to a dormant state. If properly watered, the roots will grow very deep and enable the turf to sustain dry periods and even water restrictions in some instances. Trees and shrubs can also be impacted by over watering in the same way. Our trained staff will consult with you and build the best approach for your landscape to ensure the needs of the plants are being met and establish a healthy balance. 

Landscape Installation
When it comes to removing and installing new plants there is always waste generated and this needs to be dealt with in a responsible, sustainable  manor as well. We recycle as much as possible and have our green waste ground into to compost for future planting projects. This keeps our reliance on landfills to a minimum. Also a comprehensive watering plan will be reviewed with our clients so they know exactly how to maintain the health of the plant material during the “grow in” period and beyond.

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Landscape Installation . Irrigation Maintenance